FEB 26, 24

HJC is very excited to announce a brand new graphic for their RPHA 12 helmet. It is truly an exciting development for both Marvel enthusiasts and riders seeking a distinctive look. HJC and Marvel are happy to announce the brand new Maximized Venom graphic. The blend of Marvel-inspired design and high-performance features in the all new RPHA 12 helmet is something that people will love.

The attention to detail in the Maximized Venom graphic is as amazing as it gets. One side showcasing Spiderman's mask and the other representing Venom with his sharp teeth and tongue sticking out. The shell has a matte finish on one side and the other is a gloss finish on the other along with the bold red shell really making the teeth and eyes on the helmet really stand out, it creates a visually striking and aggressive appearance. This design is not only for the Marvel Comics fans but also for the riders who want people turning back their heads to look at their helmets.

The transition from the RPHA 11 to the RPHA 12 showcases HJC's commitment to continuous improvement. By adding the Maximized Venom graphic onto the new model, HJC showcases their design’s and also their advanced helmet technology. The RPHA 12 is designed for both racetrack and street use making it a choice for riders looking for exceptional performance in various riding conditions. The Maximized Venom graphic on the RPHA 12 seems like a well-thought-out collaboration between Marvel inspiration and HJC's dedication to top-notch helmet design and functionality.