AUG 29, 23

HJC Helmets, a renowned leader in the motorcycle helmet industry, continues its successful partnership with Activision with the latest innovation, the i20 Call of Duty Vanguard Graphic helmet. Designed to cater to avid gamers and motorcycle enthusiasts alike, this collaboration merges the exciting world of gaming with the exhilarating realm of motorcycling.

The i20 Call of Duty Vanguard Graphic helmet showcases the iconic aesthetics of the highly successful Call of Duty Vanguard game, which captivated gamers worldwide with its immersive and action-packed storyline. HJC Helmets, known for its commitment to delivering exceptional quality and safety, has seamlessly integrated these graphics onto its street-fighter style i20 model with a removable mask, creating a one-of-a-kind helmet that perfectly embodies the spirit of both gaming and motorcycling.

This limited-edition helmet features the unparalleled craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology for which HJC Helmets is known for. The i20 helmet offers a lightweight yet robust advanced polycarbonate composite shell, providing superior protection without compromising comfort. Its ventilation system ensures optimal airflow, keeping riders cool and focused during even the most intense rides. The i20 helmet is also equipped with a wide, distortion-free visor, enhancing visibility, and maximizing the rider's experience on the road.

The i20 Call of Duty Vanguard Graphic helmet serves as a bridge between the virtual realm of gaming and the real-world thrill of motorcycling, allowing fans to express their passion for both in a unique and tangible way. The i20 Call of Duty Vanguard Graphic helmet will be available in limited quantities, making it a highly sought-after collectible for both gaming enthusiasts and motorcycle riders. It will be offered in a range of sizes to ensure a perfect fit for riders of all statures. 

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