MAR 14, 24

February 7, 2024 - HJC and Netflix have collaborated on a brand new cutting- edge RPHA 12 helmet featuring an all-new design inspired by the hit Netflix series, Squid Game.

The brand new RPHA 12 helmet is set to take the reins from the RPHA 11, and also for its eye-catching graphics from the street all the way to MotoGP.

The Squid Game edition RPHA 12 features a design inspired by the iconic pink guard uniforms from the series.

The brand new RPHA 12 has been tested and designed in HJC’S own R&D and Wind Tunnel facility. The new design now has more ventilation to give the rider the best ride possible. The RPHA 12 is light but maintains its strength from HJC’s Advanced PIM EVO construction. The RPHA 12's brand new shield now is wider and thicker, giving the rider a better field of view and also better stability at certain speeds.

As with all HJC helmets, the RPHA 12 Squid Game edition graphic places utmost emphasis on comfort, and style. Every detail has been precisely crafted to ensure quality and performance.